We believe that the people involved in horse racing and equestrian sports have a responsibility for the welfare of the equine athletes in their care.

We believe that every horse deserves access to the best potential outcome if they are injured, and to be treated with respect.

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You can make a donation through Givealittle.

If you would like more information or would like to make a direct credit to NZHAT's bank account, please contact Jo Starr at hello@horseambulance.co.nz.

All donations are eligible for a 33.33% tax credit and a donation receipt will be issued.

Our Mission

  • To assist horses injured while competing at race meetings and equestrian events, through the provision and operation of a national fleet of horse ambulances.
  • To protect the wellbeing of horses competing at race meetings and equestrian events.
  • To promote the equine welfare standards that must be achieved for participants to exceed their obligations under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

 About Us

  • The Trust was set up in 2016 to fund and procure ten purpose-built equine ambulances to cover horse racing and equestrian events in New Zealand. 
  • Now, in 2022, there are eight equine ambulances in service and the Trust has raised the funds for one more unit, which will enable all race meetings and equestrian events across the country to be covered.

National Equine Welfare Partners